press on the show

“Holy Fuck is a little slice of amazing.”
- Huffington Post

“The hipster heavyweight downtown, the big funnyman on campus.”
- LA Times

“One of the best alternative comedy shows in Los Angeles.”
- LA Weekly

“There are drinks for cheap, mingling to be done, and a great atmosphere permeating from one of downtown’s cooler spaces.”
- LAist

“The show was amazing!”
- Brand X

- The Apiary

We are absolutely positive we are forgetting some of our print compliments.

There have been many the podcast compliment, as well. On Jimmy Dore’s podcast, Comedy and Everything Else, for example, and numerous times on the Nerdist Podcast.

And let’s not forget the countless talented comics who’ve uttered our name aloud in public places. Maria Bamford once called the show “wonderful!”, and later “great!”, and after that “wonderful!” We really, really, really love Maria Bamford here.

For press inquiries, please email us: sexdowntown [at] gmail [dot] com.

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