January 29. Album Recording 3.


We are recording a fucking ALBUM, y’all. Four shows in a row. 42 comics. This is the third one! Read up on all the info here: http://holyfuckcomedy.tumblr.com/post/39676825427/holy-fuck-the-album

This is going to be so much fucking fun!! You all have been so rad and awesome and the best crowd ever for the first 2 recordings. Let’s keep it going for this third one. This is going to be one big party where the huggin’ don’t stop till six in the morning!!!!

For those who don’t know, every Tuesday evening, the best comedians in LA and the world descend upon a beautiful film theater downtown for a night of big laughs and great beer in insanely comfortable seating.

And it’s FREE!


Kyle Kinane
James Adomian
Moshe Kasher
Jackie Kashian
Zach Sherwin
Nick Rutherford
Will Weldon
Karl Hess
Paul Danke
Barbara Gray
Megan Koester

Hosted by Dave Ross & Jeff Wattenhofer

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Leave a Reply

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